Time-Line of Novel

Red: historical events

Blue: dendrochronological dates of Bosch's paintings, their present names and locations

Black: fictional events read from various Bosch paintings


Chapter 1

1466 Fragment of a Last Judgement (Munich)

1468 Temptation of Saint Hieronymus (Madrid)

1467 Inauguration of Charles the Bold of Burgundy as Duke of Brabant in s'Hertogen Bosch

Maximilian of Hapsburg attends as emissary of his father, German Emperor Fredrick III

Jacob van Almengien, tutor of Maximilian, meets Jeroen van Aken and Sibylle.

1467 Right wing of Garden Triptych (Hell or Our World)

1467/68 Jacob studies at Ficino's academy in Florence

.Chapter 2

1468 Jacob returns to s'Hertogenbosch

1468-69 Middle panel of Garden Triptych

1469 Left wing and outside of the Garden Trptych

1470 Garden of Earthly Delights (Madrid)

 Chapter 3

1471 Jacob establishes Neoplatonic Society in s'Hertogenbosch, in Vught:

Participants: Johann V von Nassau-Dillenburg (*1455), Jan van Bergen, Cornelis van Bergen (aka Zevenbergen, a friend of Maximilian's I and Philip the Fair's, godfather of Charles V's), Ghjisbert de Bije (deacon of St. John's)

Johann von Nassau offers to buy the triptych. He agrees to loan it to Jacob indefinitely

Jacob translates Hebrew texts, adopts Albertus Magnus as "local spiritual teacher"

1472/73 Vught's Jews object to Jacob's presence. Jacob beaten up.

Cornelis van Bergen lends Jacob his town-house in s'Herogenbosch

1473 Wedding of Sibylle's and Jacob's at her father Noah's house in Vught

1475 Wedding at Canaa (copy in Rotterdam)

1476 Increasing tensions between Jacob and Sibylle's father Noah

1476 Jacob and Sibylle leave for Antwerp, Sibylle pregnant

1477 The Swiss kill Charles the Bold at Nancy. Marie of Burgundy marries Maximilian I in Ghent

1477 27 September Cosmas and Damianus Flood: Sibylle and her child drown

.Chapter 4

1478 Jeroen marries Adeleit van de Mervenne

1478 Philip the Fair born in Ghent

1481 May 6, Maximilian convenes Golden Fleece in Den Bosch, knights 3-year-old Philip

1482 Anthonius van Aken dies. Hieronymus in Prayer (Ghent)

1482 Marie of Burgundy dies

1482 In objection to Maximilian's reign, Philip the Fair held prisoner in Ghent until 1485

1482 Last Judgment (Vienna)

1483 Jacob becomes Philip the Fair's tutor

1483 Treaty of Arras cedes the French-speaking part of Brabant to Louis XI of France

1484 Adoration of the (Four) Magi, (Madrid), first time Bosch signs a painting

1484 Innocent VIII, né Giovanni Battista Cibo (1432 1492), elected Pope

1484 Jacob dismissed as tutor of Philip the Fair because of his drug problem

1485 Anonymous Bosch Portrait (Amherst)

1486 Christ Crowned with Thorns (London)

1486 Bosch elected member of the Confraternity of our Lady

1486 Maximilian I designated German Emperor elect

1488 Plague in Holland

1491 Last Judgement Panels (Venice)

1491 Noah, Sibylle's father dies

1492 Pope Innocent VIII issues "Maleus Maleficiorum" Bulle

1492 Alexander VI, né Rodrigo Borgia (1431 -1503) elected Pope

1493 Fredrick III dies, Maximilian I German Emperor. He makes Philip the Fair Duke of Brabant.

.Chapter 5

1494 Maximilian marries Bianca Maria Sforza

1495 Ship of Fools, Death of Usurer, and Gluttony (various museums)

1495 Jacob (54) returns to Den Bosch ravaged by opium

1495 Anneke, Jeroen's sister, takes Jacob in and weans him from the "little red pills"

1495 The Prodigal Son (Rotterdam)

1496 Philip of Burgundy marries Juana daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain

1496 Entry in state in Den Bosch of Philip the Fair of Hapsburg and Burgundy as Duke of Brabant. Philip the Fair proclaimed Duke of Brabant

1496 15 December Baptism of Jacob van Almaengien (~56), "a Jew" by Ghysbert de Brie, deacon of San Janskerk. As godparents are present: Maximilian I the German Emperor, his son Philip the Fair, Jan van Bergen, Cornelius van Sevenbergen and others. In honor of his sponsor Jacob was baptized Philip van Sint Jans

1496/97 According to the expense reports of the Confraternity of Our Lady, Philip van Sint Jans, "once a Jew," was made a member of the Fraternity. As a initiation gift Bosch painted two panels for the Confraternity:

1494/96 St. John Baptist in the Desert (1494) (Madrid)

1496/97 St. John Evangelist on Patmos (Berlin)

.Chapter 6

1497 Original Adoration of the Christ-Child, (copy in Cologne)

Philip van Sint Jan as Joseph (57). 20th anniversary Sibylle's death

1497 Table of the Seven deadly Sins (Madrid)

1497 St. Christopher (Rotterdam)

Jeroen vows to go to Compostela

1499 Christ Bearing the Cross (Escorial)

Philip van Sint Jan (~58) carrying the Cross

1500 Carles V born to Juana and Philip the Fair, Johannes van Bergen godfather

1500 Christ Bearing the Cross, (Vienna)

Philip van Sint Jan (60) carrying the Cross

1502 Temptation of St. Anthony (Lisbon)

Jacob van Almaengien (61) rescues the fallen Anthony

Chapter 7

1504 Philip the Fair ordered a large Last Judgement from Bosch and made a down payment

1504 Philip the Fair elected King of Spain. The Low Lands become Spanish possesion.

Chapter 8

1504 After the death of Isabella her daughter Juana is designated Queen of Castile

1504 Columbus 4th voyage to the West Indies, Amerigo Vespucci

1505 The Table of 7 Deadly Sins discovered

1505 Jacob forced to cease teaching

1505 Cornelis van Bergen sells the Anthony Triptych to an Amsterdam art dealer

1505 The Haywain, (copies in Madrid and the Escorial)

Outside shows Almaengien (~64) as pilgrim

1506-07 Jeroen and Jacob on "pilgrimage" to Santiago de Compostela

1506 Philip the Fair elected King Philip I of Spain

1506, 25 September Philip the Fair dies In Burgos

1506 October Jeroen and Jacob reach Burgos, meet Juana near Hornillos del Camino

1506 November they reach Oporto, Portugal,

1506/07 Jacob and Jeroen return by ship to Amsterdam. Jacob dies on the voyage

.Chapter 9

1507 Jeroen returns to Den Bosch and finds his shop bankrupt

1508 Entry in state in 's-Hertogenbosch of Maximilian I

He makes his grandson Charles Duke of Brabant, but retains the regency.

1508 Copernicus publicly argues that the Earth circles the Sun

1515 Sicut erat in Diebus Noë (Rotterdam)

Bosch's last painting in memoriam of Jacob van Almaengien's

1516 on 7 August Hieronymus Bosch dies in his 66th year, a financially ruined pauper